Demo Video



When playing this video, make sure your playing device (computer, phone) has stereo sound (sound with at least 2 channels). Also please make sure your right speaker/earbud is placed on your right; your left speaker/earbud is placed on your left.


Trapped inside a maze of nightmare, you need to get yourself out of this space of horror....

"Escape: NIGHTMARE" is a Wiimote-controlled Flash audio game. Players use a Wiimote to navigate themselves out a maze of nightmarish sounds. Players need to move away from "NIGHTMARE zones" according to the zones’ audio directions and intensities to avoid health loss before finding a way out. Essentially this is a game of echolocation.


I thought it would be interesting to know how we as game players, who usually rely on visual information to interact with the medium, feel and control games when sound becomes the main (or only) source of information. So the premise of the game is about you getting trapped in a bad dream of a dark and scary maze. To get out alive, you need to avoid the scary zones mainly by your hearing ability.

The introduction of the Wiimote is to create a more physical feel for the game-- so that you can keep your hands off the keyboard and the mouse, eyes off the monitor, and just focus on where and how strong the sounds are as if you are really walking in a dark maze.



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