Make A Better Tool by Making A Good Toy:
Improvements on 2 e-Bug games

Presentation Slides


I was asked by City University London to make a presentation on proposing improvements & new development possibilities for 2 e-Bug games (e-Bug is a project funded in EU as a heath & hygiene learning resources for schools.)

One of the games is a platformer targeted for children 9 to 11 years of age. This game is more action-based. One sub-game of it is the player controls a miniaturized avatar riding on a hoverboard to interact with microbes (fungi, bacteria, viruses) in order to accomplish certain goals. Another sub-game is about sorting foods in a frig so that food hygiene can be maintained from situations like sneezing or un-washed hands.

The other game is a detective game, designed for 12 to 15 years old students. In this game the player is agent in secret bureau that investigate health, use of antibiotics, or sanitary related scenarios. This game has richer storytelling and involves more puzzle-solving.

I was asked to propose improvements for these games (game design, usability, artwork, UI, code functionality, etc ), along with development possibilities, such as score visualization methods, evaluation strategies, and how the games can be applied as a tool of sustainable development (food, energy, etc).



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