The Gluttos: Winner Loses

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This is a project.



What if you can perform music and make art by configuring and releasing a group of cells? "The Gluttos: Winner Loses" is a digital eco-system of generative music/art with hungry organisms, "Gluttos" (derived from "gluttony"), moving around & attacking each other to regain fullness.

Each Glutto changes its sound and look in different states as they get fuller/hungrier. There are 4 kinds of interactions that will cause a Glutto to change its fullness state:

A Glutto itself It keeps getting hungry, like metabolism.
One gets fuller (hungrier) when it's attacking (attached by) others. A hungrier one starts to attack a fuller one when both of these criteria meet:

  • The fuller one is in a certain vicinity of the hungry one.
  • The fuller one and the hungrier one's fullness difference exceeds a threshold.
When hitting the boundaries of this "Digital Petri Dish".
external feeding
A Glutto gets fuller when it eats the food fed by the player.

This table describes how the Gluttos behave across different states:

---- Full (peaceful) Hungry (angry)
Size big small
Color green red
[Sound] pitch low high
[Sound] length long short
[Motion] speed slow fast
[Motion] changing direction rare frequent



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